During this time of uncertainty, we will continue to operate as usual. We are here to support our clients to ensure your businesses are able to run as efficiently and as effectively as possible, so that you can continue to support your customers. Please get in touch if you need further support or have any questions.


The CX Practice is our centre of IP, best practice and technical support for your organisation. Our practice brings together a group of our best people, including a lead CX Consultant, Project Managers, BA's and developers to offer our client's services that make it easy to integrate Customer Experience Programmes throughout their organisations using Touchpoint CX. CX Practice services assist in 4 ways:


Our CX Practice is utilised early on in an organisation's journey to establish CX at the heart of their company and is often used before deciding to purchase Touchpoint CX technology.

The beginnings of a CX programme may exist already but our Organisational Design Service is the process that uncovers what real CX priorities exist, who the key consumers of customer feedback would be across your organisation, what they need to see and how feedback will be used and translated into meaningful and measurable action.

The Touchpoint CX Practice leverages everything we already know about organisations like yours and the design is achieved through us leading you through a short process of technical consultation. We deliver you a tailored CX architecture that is sympathetic to your organisation's specific constraints, processes, business systems and data availability.


When you purchase Touchpoint CX, faultless configuration is key to getting the high quality CX solution you expect, into the hands of the people that need it most.

Our CX Practice oversees configuration of all standard Touchpoint CX deployments and can step in to assist with additional or more complex issues as and when required.

Our practice team are experts in data and data integration and can offer an extremely cost effective and rapid alternative to internally organising and consolidating your data and the data feeds required to run your ‘always on’ CX programme.


Once firmly on your CX Journey, and you are making tangible and continuous improvements to your business and to your customers' experiences, it’s conceivable that your requirements might grow and change.

The CX Practice is here to assist you throughout your journey and is experienced in planning and delivering staged roll outs with you that might include multi-surveying (integrated), employee engagement tracking, closed feedback loops with sales teams and lead generation.


As CX programmes mature, often the glue that bonds an organisation together around CX is the collaborative processes that connect seemingly different stakeholders and areas of the business around insights, solutions and actions.

This is particularly true when dissecting business processes that span organisations and that may contain customer experience opportunities.

The CX Practice utilises our best internal and partner resources and can assist your organisation by offering a framework of facilitated collaboration for leaders, managers and staff. Delivered via online tools and facilitated workshops, the CX Practice will help build your CX culture by orientating internal conversations about everyday events and solutions towards the strategy of the business. 

Support & Availability

The TouchpointCX helpdesk provides support via phone and email during normal business hours. The options available are flexible to suit your specific requirements.

Touchpoint CX is provided as Software as a Service and is constantly in use, by thousands of users in banks and other large organisations across different time zones. The platform is always on, collecting, analysing and distributing customer feedback. This platform is managed to continually exceed very high service levels relating to availability, uptime and security.

The ongoing maintenance and monitoring of all these services are included in your licence fee and are supported 24/7/365.