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Customers will provide you with all sorts of feedback using many feedback channels and incorporating many different types of interaction and perception of service they received from your organisation. Organising, distilling and learning from this feedback is critical to being able to adapt your organisation and take action in the areas that have the greatest capacity to influence customer experience and customer lifetime value. TouchpointCX does this for you


TouchpointCX automatically draws all your feedback into a single trusted location, yet translates it easily and differently for each stakeholder from front line staff to executive management.

TouchpointCX makes sure stakeholders only see what's relevant to them in a way that's relevant to them.


Spend more time on the "why" behind the "what" by drilling down from scores and trends into the underlying customer feedback comments that drive those numbers.

  • Specially designed for train-of-thought discovery of underlying issues and root causes.
  • Drill down to individual customer feedback comments to identify the reasons behind customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
  • Search across the entire customer feedback repository to quickly find related feedback.
  • Filter comments by multiple variables; e.g. keyword, product, employee, business unit, transaction type.
  • See everything in context


TouchpointCX delivers you real time routing of customer feedback across your organisation, to diverse stakeholders who through sharing and collaboration will coordinate your most insightful, strategic and impactful CX successes.

Managers in different areas or business units have different perspectives, priorities and opportunities based on the same customer feedback or single survey response.

TouchpointCX simultaneously manages different rules for each stakeholder, allowing alerts to be selectively created based on specific scores, specific answers to a survey question and key words or phrases being used in feedback verbatim.


TouchpointCX Analytics Automation dramatically accelerates reviewing and classifying large volumes of customer feedback as you search for themes and insights. Whilst delivering significant efficiencies over manual processing and analysis, TouchpointCX frees up your resources to target and drive business improvements.

  • Extract and track topics, attitudes, issues, and opportunities from customer feedback text.
  • Easily track competitor and/or product references.
  • Consolidate and take a balanced view of customer feedback from multiple feedback channels or sources.
  • Automatically map customer feedback to products and business units, regardless of source, channel or customer ownership model.