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According to Gartner, 95% of all organisations regularly collect feedback from their customers, but only 10% actually act on what they have learned. TouchpointCX makes it easy to translate what you have learned into appropriate action and customer engagement.

TouchpointCX empowers and compels your staff to act on customer feedback and to take action at both an operational and strategic level. Your actions are highly time sensitive and across your organisation are fully tracked and measured. TouchpointCX ensures that you always have the greatest opportunities to influence your customer based on their feedback.


Use TouchpointCX to set goals and provide real-time comparisons against internal or external benchmarks to effectively drive focus and improvement with individuals and teams.

  • Align individual KPIs with customer satisfaction and advocacy scores.
  • Allow individuals or teams to benchmark themselves with peers, colleagues or other areas of the organisation through open performance ladders.
  • See individual, team and business unit KPI scores compared against team averages, industry benchmarks or company goals.
  • Track what and who is helping achieve KPIs and goals.



According to Gartner, 70% of customers leave a brand because they don't feel cared for, and that how quickly you respond to them is critical.

Use TouchpointCX's case management features to drive your organisations ‘care factor’.

  • Alert the right people when a customer is at risk
  • Automatically or manually assign cases to the most appropriate team or person in your organisation.
  • Manage cases across different staff and teams.
  • Record contact and resolution notes
  • Escalate overdue cases.


Use TouchpointCX to deal with the bigger underlying issues behind your customers experience, not just the symptoms.

Your customers feedback can provide key insights into operational and structural issues that impact significantly on customer experience, customer engagement and ultimately financial performance. TouchpointCX helps your team uncover deeper issues by facilitating follow-up investigation and root cause analysis:

  • Drill down within specific cases to identify root causes and prevent emergence of further issues.
  • Review cases and feedback on a global level to identify recurring issues and remedy inefficiencies.
  • Generate insights that can be used in staff coaching or to support product, policy and process improvements.