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Created for complex service orientated organisations, its design, functionality and deployment methodology has been refined to respond to the specific challenges of these industries.

For Banks and General Insurers in particular, Touchpoint CX provides an overarching solution that unites multiple divisions, products, channels, locations and thousands of users under a single ‘always on’ commitment to creating value from Customer Experience.

TouchpointCX is also effective in targeted and staged deployments into specific high value categories such as ‘Superannuation’, ‘Wealth’ and ‘Life Insurance’

TouchpointCX is able to reflect how institutions organise themselves internally and how complex product and customer ownership matrices can be navigated to succeed.

Our industry specialism also ensures that TouchpointCX’s reporting capabilities and dashboards align with best practice KPI’s, performance systems and measures.


Retail energy providers are operating in increasingly deregulated markets where barriers for customers to switch providers are becoming ever lower.

In commodity markets like energy, customer tenure is paramount to profitability. TouchpointCX creates a source of service differentiation, facilitates a time critical ‘customer save’ or ‘win back’ solution, and brings information into the organisation that assists with identifying and testing complimentary products and services


You will find TouchpointCX powering customer experience programmes in a variety of other industry sectors including telecommunications, retail and franchise networks.

TouchpointCX is flexible and easily adapted to these complex environments, where behind the scenes multiple people and processes are involved in delivering a customer a single experience

For brands using disintermediated channels to market, TouchpointCX is a popular choice for measuring brand and service consistency and maintaining reseller standards and accreditations.